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Cat Pictures

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Welcome to r/CatPictures:

You may only post pictures of your cats.


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| | | |-|-| |1. No posts that are not related to cats|This is subreddit is only for cat pictures, so yeah... Keep your paws off it if you want to post something else.| |2. No personal information|Do not doxx other people, and do not link to anything hosted on Facebook servers, as you can easily track the content to original account holder. Any personal information should be censored.| |3. No gore|Go somewhere else.| |4. Don't be a jerk.|If you can't be nice, don't participate. It's a sub for pictures of cute cats.| |5. Always message the mods when reporting something|We don't know why you're reporting something, so, please, message us.| |6. Direct image links ONLY|If the link is to a page and not either an imgur album or a .yourfileformat, it'll get removed.| |7. No stock photos/decade-old images you took from Google. We know you're a shill account trying to generate upvotes to sell the profile. Even our cats are smart enough to figure that out.| |8. Only self owned, original pictures allowed.| |9. No X-Posts|X-Posts will be removed by the mods.| |10. Meeeoww|Sorry for the serious rules. It's just for keeping every cat, original. :<|

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