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A subreddit dedicated to the art of pranking and/or trolling cats.

This includes:

  • Humans pranking cats
  • Cats pranking other cats
  • Other animals pranking cats

Please post these type of pranks to /r/AnimalPranks

This does not include:

  • Cats pranking humans
  • Cats pranking other animals
  • Cats embarrassing themselves
  • General cat hilarity
  • General cat cuteness (try /r/aww)

This should go without saying:


An example is the video "Cat Wash Machine". We ask to not have such content posted here.

Cruelty is considered anything that physically or mentally traumatizes any animal. If it makes you say WTF, it probably doesn't belong here.

Please keep things work safe.

This sub only allows posts from the following sites:

  • (and
  • (Direct links only!)

Any others posted will be automatically removed to prevent spam and protect the users from pornographic redirects.

Please don't re-post items that have been posted recently, even in other formats (gif, video, html5, etc). This does not include x-posting.

Derogatory and hateful comments will be removed.

We ask that compilation videos not be posted here with the only exception being if the clips in the video are all cat prank oriented. Compilation videos will initially be deleted by AutoMod for further review by the mods.

Keep it clean and be nice!

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