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Cat Reaction Gifs

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Titles of posts in this subreddit must indicate what you're reacting to.

Examples of good titles:

  • "My face when browsing Cat Reaction Gifs "

  • "That feel when your cat doesn't do funny things for karma."

  • "MRW I can't think of a good title"

Examples of inappropriate titles, which will be removed:

  • "wheeee"

  • "Meow we'll see who fits and sits... muahahaha"

  • "My cat socks is an evil mastermind"

  • "Toddler reacts to cute kitty"

If you post a GIF with a bad title, you will end up wearing the cone of shame.

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-Posts in this subreddit are GIFs of cats, with reaction titles. No exceptions.

-Follow the reddiquette and site rules.

-Don't be arbitrarily aggressive. Seriously though, this place is for light-hearted and good-natured fun.

-Don't spam, or advertise via submissions or comments. Use reddit's ad system.

The mods reserve the right to preserve the awesomeness of this sub by banning anyone who breaks these few simple rules. The Cat Pope is a benevolent moderator but will cast fiery vengeance upon those who engage in douchebaggery.

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