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CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate

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A gathering place for CCNA's, or those looking to obtain their CCNA!

>#Rules >--- >1) No posting of illegal materials (torrents, stolen PDFs, etc)
>-- - >2) No posting of "braindumps" (this includes 9tut)
> -- - >3) Be courteous and helpful
>-- - >4) If someone is wrong, try to be clear and understanding in your correction, not rude and disrespectful
>-- - >5) Do not ask for others to do your labs for you, or solicit payment for labs to be done for you.
>-- - > 6) This sub is not intended for tech support questions, you would be better off asking such questions in /r/networking or /r/cisco since this sub is by definition a novice community that is trying to learn networking fundamentals.
>-- - - Make sure you aren't violating the NDA! - Proof Cisco bans known cheaters!

>#Helpful Resources
- [CCNA Discord] ( - Free Packet Tracer Download - Thank you /u/tenormore for pointing it out - Free CCNA training by reddit backed kickstarter created by Andrew Crouthamel - Free CCNA Workbook - By Matthew George, CCIE #38216. Note - users have reported errors - Free CCNA Practice Exam - Cisco's Learning Network - I would look here no matter what you do. Categories are on the left.
- Internetwork Training CCNA Practice Quiz - I like this one; a lot of good questions.
- More CCNA Questions
- - A resource with multiple topics.
- Cisco's CCNA Test taking tips
- - Subnetting practice site built by redditor /u/DressedUpNowhere2Go - Packet Life Cheat Sheets - Don't forget to thank /u/stretch85 and remind him to update his sheets - Looking for work? check out /r/NetworkingJobs

>#Must Haves
- GNS3 - The network simulator that every network person should have

> # The Reddit Cisco Ring

NOTE: The "Reddit Cisco Ring", its associates, subreddits, and creator "mechman991" are not endorsed, sponsored, or officially associated with Cisco Systems Inc. All opinions stated are those of the poster only, and do not reflect the opinion of Cisco Systems Inc., or its affiliates.

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