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Suffering from writer's block and want to loosen the gears with a quick side project? Have a sexy idea for a story but can't be arsed to write it all? Just looking for a quick, entertaining read that's generated by people from a great community? r/chainstory is the place for you!

Formatting and Etiquette

It's a bit complicated, but it's all here. Please read thoroughly before posting.


The best stories are always organic, so the following list of suggestions is intended only to help you craft a successful contribution. They are not a rigid set of rules which must be followed.

  • Assume that the main character must be kept alive. Kill him or her off only if there is a suitable primary character capable of carrying the plot.

  • The beginning of a post should introduce a situation which must somehow be resolved. Address the problem somewhere in the middle of your post, and leave the ending with a lead-in to another possible situation.

  • Disposable characters are great. Try not to add too many characters which are intended to be persistent throughout the story or even primary. This is to keep potential confusion to a minimum.

  • Name your characters and make them somehow unique. You don't have to draft an elaborate backstory, but at least make them discernible from players already present within the story.

  • Have fun!

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