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characterdrawing: places for real artists to draw people's characters

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This subreddit is for fans of role playing games who would like their characters drawn or for artists who want to draw characters from popular role playing games such as DnD. This is purely pro bono work please do not solicit work. Please read the rules before posting, they can be found below the sidebar picture.

The list of monthly contest winners can be found HERE

Important Notice:

If your account is less than a day old your post will get caught in the spam filter. If we do not approve it, ~~assume we are dead~~ wait a day and repost. If it is still not approved, THEN message us.

Picture by /u/Fancymancer

For a complete listing of all of the posting rules and any questions please visit this post.

  1. Please use the tag [LFA] if you are looking for an artists. Please post all requests as self posts.

  2. Artists please look at [LFA] posts for characters that need to be drawn and post links to your drawings in a reply.

  3. [RF] is the tag for posts that fulfill a former request. Artists are encouraged to take their time to fulfill requests and then may post links to their work under this tag and add a comment in the original thread. Also please claim a request if you will be taking your time on it.

  4. Artists may post their own works if they desire.

  5. You can repost requests if they are unfulfilled as long as you wait a minimum of one week between posts.

  6. DO NOT post looking for clients.

  7. DO NOT post graphic or sexual content, artistic nudity and the like is allowed. If you have any questions please contact the mods.

  8. Include the NSFW tag for any nudity.

  9. If you wish to hire an artist feel free to contact anyone you wish, but please do so privately. Thank you.

  10. All "Hero Maker" submissions will be removed without hesitation.

This subreddit now supports spoiler tags! The syntax is: [Your text here](/spoiler).

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