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Subreddit Rules
  • Keep it friendly and focused; don't be a jerk.
  • Abusive behaviour and discrimination against others will not be tolerated.
  • Do not post content, memes, jokes, videos or images that don't offer useful chess insight. Consider posting such content to our sister subreddit, /r/AnarchyChess.
  • If you post your own games, include your own annotations.
  • Don't ask for advice about games in progress.
  • Wrap your PGNs with [ pgn] and [ /pgn] (without the spaces) to allow inline PGN viewer users to see the game as an interactive chess board.
  • Chess Spoiler format for problem answers etc., \>!Spoiler text!<

    >!Ng1 and white wins!<

  • Use the Reddit Spoilers or non-result revealing titles for tournament & round result posts for 24 hours or so after the event.

  • Do not post direct links to, or links to sites hosting, pirated content.

  • Do not post NSFW material.

  • When posting positions, title them appropriately - White to move and win, What's the best line for black?, Mate in 5 etc.

  • Use the message the moderators link if your posts or comments don't appear, or for help with any administrative matters.
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Please continue to give us your feedback and suggestions on how we can help make /r/chess better for everyone.

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