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A place for women to confer about and share porn/erotica.

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What should I post?

Porn related links, questions and discussion.

There are plenty of link happy porn reddits out there already, so for the benefit of the community this is a only subreddit. This helps you tell us why your links are schlikable. Please describe the good bits next to the link. :)

What not to post: Guys should not post asking what kind of porn or sexual experiences women like. You can ask this over at /r/sex

How should I post?

  • When posting a link to a video, ALWAYS include an accurate description and why you find it exciting. Posts without this information will be removed.

  • In the interest of making things less confusing, you can always tag your post with your gender in the title [m] [f]. This is merely an option, so decide what works for you. This way, we know which posts are who. If you are genderqueer, please feel free to put [O], for other, in the title.

Who should or should not post?

Anyone can post but only women and genderqueer people should comment or vote. In the interest of preserving the nature of a female oriented community, men are asked to refrain from commenting or upvoting. Men who post more than twice will be banned. It's not personal, just business. lights cigar

The Chickflixxx Manifesto

A place for Pro-Porn women to share links to great sexual content and discuss porn.

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Who are we?

This is a Reddit created by women, with the purpose of providing a safe place to discover, share, question and understand porn. It is open to everyone of every gender/gender identity.

All are welcome, but you must seek to understand the aim of this subreddit and post and comment with respect. If you do not, you will be banned.


Why are we doing this?

Because chicks don't often get the same exposure to porn as men do, and seeking it out can be off putting. Think of Violet Blue's Smart Girl's Guide to Porn - but on Reddit.

- Disciplinary Actions

  • If you want to report a post or comment, please consider mailing the mods with the link instead. It is hard to know why people report certain posts, and explanations help.

  • Is someone creeping on you through PM or comments? Message cynicalfly with screenshot evidence or links and they will be banned. There are no second chances for sexual harassment or extreme rudeness.

  • Are you a man that keeps commenting? Dude, we've got to ban you. We are trying to keep this subreddit a woman's perspective. There are many venues open to you and few female oriented ones.

  • Are you a frequent poster on theredpill? Seriously, no one wants you here. Scram. Fear my ban hammer. ಠ_ಠ

  • Sex negativity leads to ban hammer. This includes disrespecting safe words, disrespecting a woman's desire for pornography and sex, slut shaming, virgin shaming, etc.

*Don't harass users. Don't message or comment to them them with explicit content unless it has been specifically requested. All users that are harassed are encouraged to report to the mods. Harassers are instantly banned indefinitely. *

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