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What is ChiisaiHentai?

>ChiisaiHentai is for those who prefer a nothing more than a handful for their waifu. For the petite connoisseur.

Content Guidelines

See Rule Details Here

>##No Licensed Content

>##No Monetizing Free Content

>##No Advertisement of Paid Content

>##No Underage Participants

>##No Source Requests

>##No Low Effort Content or Reposts

>##No 'Shock' Content

>##No 'Assortment' Albums

>##No Redirecting Traffic

>Submission Titles

>>Titles for submissions should be as descriptive about the content as reasonably possible. If the artist or source material is known, please add it as a comment. Gag, clickbait and shitposting titles will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

>Whitelist and Blacklist

>>For a complete breakdown of blacklisted and whitelisted sites, as well as some general submission information, visit this wiki page.


>>Do not abuse the report button for something you don't like, only report things that you believe breaks our rules listed here. Reports on albums should ideally include the image number as well.


>>When possible, please credit the artists by including a comment with the original source if you can find it. SauceNAO and Iqdb can help with this. If that fails use reverse image search in google or ask in the sticky for source requests.

>Any Other Concerns

>>Message the moderators by clicking here if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or are contesting a ban. We welcome any feedback, but are not obligated to act upon messages.

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