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The place on Reddit for Chiptune music!

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Submit anything chiptune related! Submit links to videos, songs, XM files, IT files, artist pages, whatever you want! Really, submit anything! But try not to lie about it :/


A few rules

  • Please refrain from mindless blog spam.

  • Self-promotion is okay. Just don't spam the sub with a ton of links a day.

  • Follow reddiquette. For example, don't downvote a track just because you don't like it. If you don't like it, just don't upvote it. Simple.



Add these tags, brackets included, to your post title when appropriate.

  • [SHOW] If you are posting about an upcoming chip show or event.

  • [TUTORIAL] If you are posting a tutorial/tip/trick

  • [CC] If you want constructive criticism on your track.

  • [JOB] If you are requesting music for your game, podcast, website etc.

  • [LSDJ] For music made on LSDJ.

  • [NANOLOOP] For music made with Nanoloop

  • [NES] For any music made featuring/replicating the sounds of the NES (Famitracker, MIDINES, etc.)

  • [FM] For music featuring FM synthesis (Like Sega Genesis, for instance)

  • [DEMOSCENE] Cracktros, MODs, etc.

  • [C64] The music of the Commodore.


The r/chiptunes Soundcloud Group


New to chiptune? Here are some links to get you started:


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