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If Circlebroke is so good, how come there's no Circlebroke 2?

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Le Other Circlebroke


Complain about whatever you want, however you want.


  • Complain about reddit.
  • No fighting words.
  • Do not vote or comment in linked threads.
  • Hateful people from hateful subreddits are not welcome here.
  • Asking why you were banned is a bannable offense.
  • Don't link to downvoted comments or barely upvoted comments where the replies call it out. If the votes or comment trends change after time of linking, we can now prove it wasn't a rule breaker with the bot

  • Don't link to shitty subs including but not limited to /r/the_donald and /r/unpopularopinions. We get it, they suck.

  • All posts must include links to the circlejerk you are talking about, fully self posts belong in negareddit. That said, community discussion posts are ok, please message the mods first so we can sticky them.

  • Don't link full threads if the top comments aren't circlejerks. Self-posts do accrue link karma so just put a bunch of links in a self-post if you want to talk about multiple threads.

^^^^^^We ^^^^^^reserve ^^^^^^the ^^^^^^right ^^^^^^to ^^^^^^use ^^^^^^and ^^^^^^abuse ^^^^^^our ^^^^^^mod ^^^^^^powers ^^^^^^for ^^^^^^any ^^^^^^reason, ^^^^^^or ^^^^^^even ^^^^^^no ^^^^^^reason ^^^^^^at ^^^^^^all.

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