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Le Other Circlebroke

We have a IRC channel on Snoonet circlebroke #circlebroke


The Mods have taken Emergency Power to defend the subreddit. Please refer to the Order of the Mods for the Protection of Userbase and Subreddit and abide thereby.

~~Complain about whatever you want, however you want.~~ Nein.

We are not a troll board. Bragposting or encouraging raids will result in a ban.

No fighting words.

No armed resistance movements.

We reserve the right to ban anyone at any time for any reason. Especially you Antonio.

Hateful people from hateful subreddits are not welcome here

I don't really know anything about feminism either, but the more I read about feminism in this community and others the more concerned and mangry I get.

Gators using feminist terminology for gotcha comments is my favorite genre of literature

memes were a mistake.

Right now, at this exact moment, there are people who think that a sheriff's office is the authority on sniffing out forged birth certificates, and that the president is a CIA agent, the son of a CIA agent, a fake antichrist, a clone, and a cult leader. This is what real life is now and there's nothing anybody can do about it. Just let that sink in.


  • Please do not vote or comment in linked threads.
  • Also only beta feminist cucks dedicated to exterminating all white males are allowed to post here.

  • visit /r/rarepuppers I guess

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