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Metacanada is back

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*If you get your feelings hurt, please message the mods so we can make fun of you for it

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Musical Comedy: Funny songs, lyrics, and music

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A subreddit for songs that make us laugh, in case you couldn't figure that out from the name. Reposts are welcome! Feel free to comment for related videos as well.

New Rules

  1. We don't allow non-streaming forms of media such as downloadable files from dropbox or other third party file sharing sites. (Torrents Included)
  2. We don't allow video sites that ether require signups or the completion of some kind of form such as a survey that collects private information.
  3. If you do make a self post then it must be aimed at some comedy artist or a piece of music. Including a link is a good practice so people don't need to look around for the work.

If you need any explanations for the new rules and what they mean then please feel free to message the mods. A minority of posts will remain unaffected.

We'll mostly allow anything as long as it follows all the rules of Reddit and the ones above.

If you're new to the sub try browsing through past videos by sorting Top -> All

Some of the artists that we love are:

Tim Minchin

Weird Al

Bo Burnham

Lonely Island

Tenacious D


Contact Loogawa now about becoming a mod. The one requirement of being a mod is posting as close to a daily basis as possible. And to try and promote the subreddit as much as possible.

For channels instead of videos check out /r/MusicalComedyChannels

Related Subreddits:

  • /r/TimMinchin - A sub for the comedian Tim Minchin
  • /r/BoBurnham - A sub for the comedian Bo Burnham
  • /r/WeirdAl - A sub for the comedian Weird Al Yankovic
  • /r/fotc (A Flight of the Conchords Sub)
  • /r/MusicalCommercials - A sub to post musical commercials funny or not.

Please check out some of our friends

  • /r/humor/ - A sub to post humorous stuff.

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