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Master list of circlejerk subreddits
Newest addition: /r/dank_meme
Master list of circlejerky webpages
Newest addition: Braveryjerk Youtube channel

If you're missing MayMayMan, please visit us in /r/MayMayManPorn!

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  1. /r/metacancerjerk - The subreddit that corrupt mods don't want you to see!! | Mega Memecast Episode 23 - "Unidaniel" | ><>

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Ferk. Herper.

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>#####If you need to be spending your days convincing people you're not Harvo, you should probably re-evaluate your life.

> ## Previous Neckbeard Awards:

> The 2014 Neckbeard Awards > The 2013 Neckbeard Awards >* The 2012 Neckbeard Awards

> ## Get Social: Metacanada.Ca: Fuck yeah MetaCanada on Twitter LoneConservative on Twitter Stephen Taylor on Twitter * pheakelmatters on Twitter

> ## Essential Reading: /r/metacanada rules (basically, just follow reddiquette How to post memes in the comments Blueparliament's concise list of Harper's accomplishments Haper accomplishments CPC green energy contributions Wars currently happening in Canada The 2014 metacanada shill census [Why we're awesome and SRS isn't] ( The War of 2012 The thread that started it all Popular votes Prorogations

> ## Creativity: Actual footage of an /r/canadian in action Metacanada butthurt rater gifs Fuck Harper upvote gif Trudeau - I live this country in my bones gif Neckbeard loves Trudeau gif /u/blueberryfickle smug internet insult generator /u/ReasonableUser anti-CPC comment generator There is no need to be upset Justin flying in the window Mulcair punching out Justin Canadian Bravery.gif UNBRAVE.gif Harper downvote gif Metacanada Downvote Action Plan.jpg Metacanada Upvote Action Plan.jpg Some past Metacanada CSS stylings Metacanada CSS stylings 2013 - Aug 2014 Brigette DePape photoshop jobs Beware of r/canada posters

> ## Awards:

> * Best subreddit ever > * Best small subreddit ever > * /r/MetaSubredditOfTheDay 6-time winner

> ## Friends:

> * /r/metaquebec > * /r/ShitRConservativeSays > * /r/circlejerkaustralia > * /r/metalostgeneration > * /r/magicskyfairy > * /r/conspiratard > * /r/circlejerk > * /r/braveryjerk > * /r/NZcirclejerk > * /r/shitpoliticssays > * /r/enoughlibertarianspam > * /r/canadaguns

> ## Disclaimer: *The moderators of /r/MetaCanada will ban any Harper supporters and any Harper haters.

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Musical Comedy: Funny songs, lyrics, and music

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A subreddit for songs that make us laugh, in case you couldn't figure that out from the name. Reposts are welcome! Feel free to comment for related videos as well.

If you're new to the sub try browsing through past videos by sorting Top -> All

Some of the artists that we love are:

Tim Minchin

Weird Al

Bo Burnham

Lonely Island

Tenacious D


Contact Loogawa now about becoming a mod. The one requirement of being a mod is posting as close to a daily basis as possible. And to try and promote the subreddit as much as possible.

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