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The Official Civ Battle Royale

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The Official Portal for The Civ Battle Royale!

The /r/civ Official Battle Royale Sub is an event hosted by TPangolin. The concept is simple! On a massive world map 61 AI Civilizations duke it out for absolute world domination. All Civilizations were chosen by the denizens of /r/civ and include Modded as well as Vanilla civilizations.

Our MK2 Match will be returning from Hiatus, and the Official Battle Royale Mk.3 has just been announced! Find more information here***.

Form your team! Support your Civ! Become immersed in the battle of the century! FLAIR UP

Mk.2 Currently on Hiatus, Returning Soon^TM Mk.3 Civs have been announced and the new subs are forming.

AEST|GMT|EDT (US) --|--|-- 23:59|13:59|9:59 AM

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Important Links|Description --|-- CBR on Imgur|View albums of all previous installments FAQ|Curious about what this is? Start here Discord Group|Chat about the BR and join the weekly Game Nights! The Mk2. Novelization|Read the novel! The Mk2. Audiobook|LISTEN to the novel! Future Worlds|View the album created by /u/TA_knight to show how the mod affects gameplay Info Chart| View all relevant Civilization information (including progress, relationships, biases, uniques, city captures, and much more!) Steam Group|Chat about the BR and play Civilization with friends! IRC Channel|Chat about the BR. Type civbattleroyale in the channelname, pick a handle, and proceed with ~~jingoism~~ discussion! Patreon|Donate to /u/TPangolin to support the Battle Royale! Streamtip|Whenever a Civilization gets knocked out of the game, we will donate all funds collected from its supporters to a charity related to that Civ! Donate here! Time Zone converter|See when the Battle Royale is released in your time zone

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