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Classic Rage

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The rage comics have grown rich in many ways: new faces, flexible format, Yao Ming...but sometimes it's nice to kick it old school with some four-panel rage comics.

We have three simple rules, in addition to the reddiquette.

  1. Four panels

  2. The comic has to be about rage with some rendition of the classic fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu face in the fourth panel

  3. Vectorized pre drawn faces are banned, these are the ones like the Yao Ming "Bitch Please" face, Obama "not bad", Jackie Chan "My brain is full of fuck" and so on. Classic pre drawn faces are allowed while hand drawn is always encouraged!

justified self posts are fine

Here are some handy advices for a successful classic rage comic (these are guidelines, not rules!):

• Use as little text as possible. If you use text that wasn't necessary you'll be sure to receive many more downvotes than if you hadn't.

Hand drawn, even in the shittiest fashion, is always much appreciated. There is a user base that will automatically downvote everyone using predrawn faces. Please don't report us every comic with a predrawn face in it though, we won't remove it, these faces are allowed.

Avoid at all costs things like "le", "a wild x appears", "badly drawn x", etc. Worst example: "A wild badly drawn le me gusta appears. True story."

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