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Claymore the anime (/r/claymore)

Discussions on the anime or manga are very much welcomed here.

Check out the Claymore wiki!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where should I pickup from if I just finished the anime?

A. Chapters 60-61 in the manga wrap up the Northern Conflict, though the anime diverges from the manga a little before that.

Q. Will the anime get a reboot or continuation?

A. At the moment, no. This may be subject to change but with the divergence from the manga we do not anticipate a reboot.

Q. Aw man, is the manga really over?

A. The manga has officially ended. There may be a few spin-off series or a boot up in the works but there has been no info released pointing to it happening.

Q. I have a super special question or theory! And I have art or other Claymore related things to post but don't know if I should...

A. Please, feel free to post all Claymore related things. Your questions, theories, and anything else are more than welcome. If you still want to screen your post, send the mods a message and we will generally get back to you in an hour depending on our schedules.


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