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climb harder - ideas and structured training to get better at climbing

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Welcome to r/climbharder! This is a collaborative subreddit with an emphasis on cultivating training knowledge and practices in a positive critical environment.


The ClimbHarder Wiki is a community effort to maximize the level of accurate and useful information which is traded on this sub. Please read it and use it as a base to improve the dialogue here.

Hall Of Fame

Formerly the r/climbharder Master Sticky, the Hall of Fame is a collection of the most interesting and helpful discussions had on this site in the past. New readers are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the Hall of Fame in order to avoid creating topics that have already been well discussed, as well as to hopefully learn valuable information on a variety of topics.

Climbharder Training AMAs

Chat with Climbers

Climbharder Exclusives

Reasonable for posting here:

  • Data or research relating to rock climbing, climbing analogs, or intersecting physical practices
  • Topics of conversation related to a broadly writ 'climbing training'
  • Personal training logs, details & assessments

Please avoid:

  • "What's wrong with my finger?"
  • "What type of shoes, harness, etc?"
  • Other /r/climbing or r/bouldering bingo items

If you have an interest in climbing more generally, then we urge you to please visit our sister subs /r/climbing and /r/bouldering

And as always, don't hurt yourself. This is a knowledge base, not a living medical professional.

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