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Comic Book Movies

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Welcome to ComicbookMovies!

Here you can discuss cinematic and live-action television adaptations of comic books.

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||| :-:|:-: No Spam|Spam is strictly prohibited. Spam can count as two things: 1. Making repeated comments or posts to flood the sub. 2. Posting self promotion without actively contributing on the sub outside of posting your own content. No Untagged NSFW posts|NSFW posts must contain a tag or they will be subject to removal. In the case of intentional untagged NSFW posts it will result in a ban. Be Civil|No harassment, insulting, hate speech, etc. Excessive use of this and lack of civility can result in a ban from the subreddit. Tag your Posts| After you post, click on "flair" under the title. If your post/link contains spoilers, whether in the form of text, a picture, or footage from a film, then it must be spoiler-tagged. Stay on Topic|Please only submit posts relating to comic-book movies/tv or animated films based on comic-books. This is not a place to discuss movies that happen to have a comic-book but are based on a video-game etc. No Spoilers in Post Titles|A spoiler is anything not officially released for home viewing. Spoilers exclude trailers, comics, casting announcements, or official marketing material. No Piracy|Piracy is strictly prohibited and excessive sharing of pirated material will result in a ban from the subreddit.

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