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Admit your wrongdoings. Acknowledge your guilt. Alleviate your conscience.

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This is intended to be a safe place.

Therefore, we expect our users to help us keep it that way by abiding by our rules. The full list of rules can be found HERE. Please ensure you understand /r/confession's rules before posting and/or commenting.

Absolutely no political posts here, please.

Confess Here!

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All submissions must be a confession

  • A confession is defined in this subreddit as: (1) An acknowledgement or admission of wrongdoing; and/or (2) a statement admitting that you are guilty of a wrongdoing.

  • You MUST add a bracketed [flair] to your post by typing one of the following in the body (NOT the title) of your post: [No Regrets] - [Remorse] - [Tough Love] - [Support Only].

  • Currently, we do not accept posts that encourage rape/rape culture, sexualise minors, are racist, pornographic, pedophilloic, or relationship-based. There are subreddits out there more well-suited to these types of posts.

  • An unpopular opinion is not a confession, nor is your sexual exploration.
  • With the exception of [light] posts, we do not accept posts with limited context.
  • Meta posts are for moderator use only, please create your own title.


  • Keep your comments kind & civil. Any form of abuse is not permitted.
  • If you are unable to discuss without being disrespectful, walk away.
  • Please do not encourage harmful/illegal behaviour.
  • Accusations of fake posts are not allowed.
  • No memes/trolling.
  • No attempts to identify OP.

We abide by a three strikes rule here. Three rule violations will result in at least a three day ban.

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Removal Appeal Process

> Follow the steps below to have your comment or post approved.

  • Read the rules to determine which was violated
  • Remove the offending portion of your post or comment
  • Message the moderators to have the post or comment approved (skip to this step if the removal was in error)

Ban Appeal Process

> Follow the steps below to have your ban reversed

  • Read the rules and review your post history to determine why you were banned
  • Message the moderators with a case as to why your ban should be reversed. This should be based on the information in the first step. (If the ban was in error, skip to this step)

Questions? Concerns? Requests?

Please post in the sticky thread or message the moderators, we don't bite (often).

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