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Welcome to /r/Consulting, a place for all topics surrounding the consulting industry. Submissions can range from changing buyer behavior, consulting firm activity, M&A in the market place, layoffs, bad PR, government hiring of consultants, how to get into consulting, what it's like to be a consultant. Any consulting industry is welcome.


Posting Guideline Highlights

Rule 1. Posts should be relevant to consulting or to consultants.

Rule 2. Recruiting (e.g., how to get into consulting, interview advice, opinions on firms) posts and 'starting in consulting' posts should go into the respective stickied threads. All other such posts will be removed without notice. Please read the wiki for commonly asked questions.

Rule 3. Do not post illegal content or confidential materials.

Rule 4. Be a professional and be constructive / Don't be an asshole and don't be abusive.

For more details about these rules, please read the Posting Guidelines.


Feel free to edit your flair to reflect the industry you consult in or program you're studying!



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