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Cooking for Beginners

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Just moved into your first apartment and don't know a thing about cooking or have lived on your own for years and have existed on take out and fast food? Then this is the sub for you! Learn how to cook simple recipes for yourself and find it isn't as hard as you think it is. Post your questions about cooking, share easy recipes and basic techniques. Come to learn or to teach!

Rules (read before posting):

1. Basic reddiquette still applies here, don’t be a troll and be polite to others, even if you don’t agree with said opinion or method. People are here to learn, not to be shamed or insulted. If you disagree with something that was mentioned, please contribute by explaining why you think this is not correct or why you think x method is better than y, etc.

2. Link posts are allowed (and encouraged), but please make an effort to talk about why this recipe/ technique deserves to shared with the community, in the comment section of your post (by writing a reply to your post). Was it informative, easy to make, did it broaden your culinary skills, etc? Please do not just post a link and leave, as it will be removed, posting the recipe from the link in your reply also does not fulfill this requirement. Repeat offenders will be banned for 7 days.

3. You cannot spam us with your own blog and youtube channel unless you are an active and helpful member of this community. We will not tolerate self promotion and you must follow rule #2.

4. Product reviews and promotion of products from an outside source is not acceptable in this subreddit. That means you cannot post a review from another website or post a website promoting a product. You may absolutely discuss kitchen equipment/ specialty food items with others and provide links on where to buy those items (preferably from Amazon or other well known websites). Not following this rule will result in a permanent ban from this subreddit.

5. Please avoid posting things that are incredibly advance (for example sousvide cooking, molecular cooking, butchering a hind quarter of an animal, etc) to the average beginner cook. We want this subreddit to be a resource for new and beginner cooks. Reddit has a magnitude of other subreddits that can help out with more advance technique and discussions, go out and explore if needed.

6. The wiki is open and available to everyone to contribute, but you cannot add your blog or youtube channel to it without getting the ok from the moderator team. Make sure what you add is relevant, helpful and most importantly (when it involves recipes), delicious!

Note: If you report someone or a post, please let us know why, thank you.

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