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cookingvideos: a video subreddit on how to cook

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a video subreddit on how to cook

Do you like to cook but often times find yourself confused on what the recipe is asking you to do? This subreddit is for people to post and request videos regarding how to cook properly.

If you are posting a video of food, adding the recipe in the comments is appreciated but optional.

rules for submission:

  1. Avoid spamming. If posting your own content, reply to other people's posts or post other people's content once in a while. Reddit's self-promotion guidelines say that around 10% of what you submit can be your content. The remaining 90% should belong to other people. This subreddit is not free advertisement.
  2. Please submit links to Youtube or Vimeo videos only. No other websites are permitted.
  3. Your title should be well formatted so that it gives an idea to the readers about what recipe it is. e.g., Chicken Butter Masala Recipe, or, How to make Chicken Butter Masala [Recipe]
  4. No meme posts. All meme posts will be removed as spam.

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