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/r/cosplay: for photos, how-tos, tutorials, cosplay news, etc.

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>#Introduction >/r/cosplay: for photos, how-tos, tutorials, cosplay news, etc. Cosplayers and fans, amateur and professional: welcome.

>The intent of this subreddit is to provide a safe cosplay forum that do not have a comments section steeped in sexualization. > It's difficult and subjective to determine what and how that means, especially given the nature of cosplay subject media.

Rules, hover over them
  1. Treat everybody with respect.

    • a. Being creepy, vulgar, invasive, or abusive will result in a ban. Many cosplayers put huge amounts of time and effort into their work and are not doing it to please you, specifically. Constructive criticism when desired is a good thing.
    • b. Do not be rude. Personal attacks, threats, name-calling, degrading, and shaming of any form are not welcome. Any of these things can result in a ban.
    • c. Do not be invasive. People do not come here to be hit on or told that they have turned you on. We don't want to hear about how you feel when someone's body, presentation, or gender does or doesn't suit your specific desires.
    • d. Comments that violate any of these or showing blatant sexism and objectification of cosplayers will be removed and posters will be banned without warning. This includes marriage proposals, jokes, and references to the source material.
  2. All posts must be tagged and flaired correct or they're automatically removed.

    • A list of tags are available at the bottom of the sidebar.
    • Just click the pink "FLAIR PLS" button on the bottom of your link to flair.
  3. Spamming of every kind is prohibited.

    • a. This is not a marketplace. Don't repeatedly promote stuff for sale, nor post for contests, likes, or kickstarters, etc. here. See
    • b. Spamming will not be tolerated. If you have a set of photos IE con pics upload it as an album and submit ONE link. Keep all [Found] posts to one a day. Others will be removed.
    • c. Only one post of any type is allowed per user per 24 hours
  4. /r/cosplay is a place for quality human interaction.

    • a. No memes or image macros
    • b. No bots
  5. Apply the NSFW tag liberally.

    • Like skimpy outfits, or things that will get you reported to HR. NSFW does not imply nudity in this subreddit.If you remove our tag, we will put it back and warn you. If you continue to remove it, your post will be removed.
  6. Please report comments and submissions that don't follow these guidelines.

    • It's the fastest way to get moderator attention. It's even more helpful if you message the mods at /r/cosplay and tell us why you've reported. Thank you!
  7. Please visit the this page for a better viewing of all the rules.

>#Light/Dark Theme > >

>#What the tags mean |Flair |When to use it | |:---|:---| |[Self]| Your submission is about you. For example: you made the costume, you're in the photo.| |[Help]| You want advice on a project. Check /r/cosplayers too! | |[Photographer]| You took the photo and/or video. | |[Author]| You wrote the article - (Twitter post does not count).| |[Found]| The subject of the photograph or article or whatever isn't you. Perhaps you found it on the Internet or it's a friend of yours. | |[Cosplay]| For discussion of cosplay and cosplay community | |[Meta]| Discussion about the /r/cosplay subreddit. |

>#Other cosplaying subreddits > | | | |:------------------- | :-------- | | /r/cosplayers | By cosplayers, for cosplayers | | /r/cosplayprops | Learning, making and showing your props | | /r/cawwsplay | Cosplay that makes you go aww | | /r/crossplay | Gender switched cosplay | | /r/rule63 | More crossplay here | | /r/cosplaygirls | Women in costumes|

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