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Counter-Strike in all its flavors (Global Offensive, Source, 1.6, mods etc.)

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A community for sharing anything related to the Counter-Strike series of games.

Useful Pages

Steam Groups & Community CS:GO Servers

  • r/CounterStrike

  • Reddit 1.6

  • Reddit

  • CaliforniaCS - West Coast NA, Competitive, 24/24

    Server #1:

    Server #2:

    Server #3: 4301

  • [CG] Chemical Gaming Pub - Dallas Based

    16p/No AWP/Auto:

  • Very Poor People - 128tick -

    Dallas Pub:

  • AbsurdMinds Gaming Community - 128tick Chicago CSGO

    5v5 Classic Comp:

    10v10 Classic Comp:

    FFA Deathmatch:

    Multi 1v1 Arena (Stats):

    Multi 1v1 Arena (No Stats):

    AWP/Aim Server:

    Classic 2k GG:

    Custom Demolition:

    AbsurdMinds Gaming Guides!

  • Renegade Army CSGO servers


    Casual pub:

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