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Clandestine Karma Farming Simulator

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  1. If you're counting, upvote your fellow counting comrades.
  2. NO double-commenting (replying to yourself).
  3. Continue from the earliest comment reply, which you can verify by holding your cursor over the timestamp or by checking the latest comments page.
  4. Before creating a new thread, please check the thread directory to make sure that type of thread doesn't already exist.
  5. To prevent Reddit server strain, create a new thread after the current thread has approximately 1000 counts in a comment chain.
  6. Counting bots/scripts are not permitted and will be banned - please report counting comments made by bots. Ask a moderator if you are not sure about something.
  7. Do not delete your valid counts (when they're already a part of the valid chain).
  8. Do not use inbox counting to achieve a get or assist.
  9. Play fairly. No cheating.

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1,738,000 - 3reptile

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