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Real. Crappy. Music.

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LIMITED TIME SUPER ULTRA MEGA DISCOUNT BONUS PROMOTIONAL SALE!!! Now for a limited time, get a ONE (1) FREE* UPVOTE with every submission to r/crappymusic! Submit your crappy music today and reap sweet, sweet link karma rewards!

Find a really crappy music video and feel the need to share your pain? Want to share your loathing for Nickelback? Can't stand the latest pop craze? Finally there's a ~~subreddit~~ quarantine for that! Introducing r/crappymusic! Now you can listen to hours of crappy music! Submit your crappy music posts! Share crappy music with your friends! Make crappy music playlists! Let crappy music roam wild and free!

*Good for one free upvote at participating 
 locations only. Management reserves the 
 right to downvote a submission following 
 an upvote if the submission does not meet 
 community guidelines, which state that it 
 must be both crappy and music. Void where 
 prohibited by law.

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