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May your heart skip a beat.

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Those GIF's you don't Feel comfortable about...the ones that the longer they stretch on the faster your heart beats, your blood prEssure rises and your pupils dilate as you're consumed by the anticipation of fear. Will you screAm or will you freeze? Still images may be creepy but when it moves, crawls, reaches or grabs that's when the true nightmaRe begins. Welcome, may your heart skip a beat.


  • Be sure that the image is a moving GIF. Still images and such belong in other subreddits such as /r/creepy .

  • Direct image links preferred.

  • Try not to repost.

  • Anything NSFW should be tagged as such. If it is not it will be removed.

  • If your GIF has a strobe-like effect please put an asterisk (*) at the end of your post title. Violation of this rule will result in a removal of your post.

  • No "real" gore. Please post "real" gore GIF's to /r/gore . Fictional gore is allowed.

  • If you know the source for your post please include it somewhere.

  • Cross-posts are not only allowed, they are encouraged!


There are several ways for you to create your own Creepy Gif. Here's a website and tutorial to get you started.

Using GIMP (free), follow this tutorial.

You can make them out of YouTube video's using this website.

Also, you can use this site to string pictures together into simple animations!

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Post not showing up? Message the mods!

This subreddit was heavily influenced by /r/creepy . It wouldn't be right to not acknowledge the fantastic subreddit the mods over there have built.

Lastly, please feel free to message the moderators with any thoughts, concerns or questions. Thank you and enjoy!

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