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What is creepygaming?

This subreddit is a place for all the creepy, unintentional things that can happen in video games. A home for ARG's, creepypasta, personal stories, haunted games, myths, glitches, creepy easter eggs, and more.

>###Allowed Content: Strange and creepy occurrences surrounding games. Personal stories about your creepy experiences in games. ARGs and creepypasta related to games. Creepy myths, glitches, and easter eggs in games. * Discussions about horror games.


>1. All submissions must pertain to at least 1 of the subjects in the list of allowed content. Links directly to games or media about them must be accompanied by substantial context explaining what makes the game or an event related to it fit into our theme of unintentional creepyness.

>2. Discussions about regular horror games must be in text-post format. They must incentivize discussion relating to the game's horror elements, and what makes it scary.

>3. No let's plays / reaction videos unless linked to specific part pertaining to any of the subjects in the list of allowed content.

>4. No game trailers or crowdfunding links.

>5. Every submission must have a title that provides substantial context about its contents.

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