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What is /r/creepygaming?

This subreddit is a place for all the creepy, unintentional things that can happen in video games. A home for creepypasta, personal stories, haunted games, myths, glitches, creepy easter eggs, etc.

I remember back when San Andreas was released and all the myths about UFO's and Bigfoot started. There was no evidence of either existing, but that made the entire thing so much scarier for the player; not knowing if it's real or not. That's the kind of atmosphere we're looking to create with the submissions and discussions of this subreddit.

What content IS allowed?

  • Strange occurrences in games.
  • Discussion directly relating to what make games creepy.
  • Video game-related creepypasta.
  • Creepy myths, glitches, and easter eggs.

What content is NOT allowed?

  • Submissions and discussion of games, UNLESS they pertain to any of the subjects in the allowed-section.
  • Let's plays / reaction videos, UNLESS linked to specific part pertaining to any of the subjects in the allowed-section.
  • Jumpscares.
  • Low quality clickbait.

General guidelines:

  • Be sure to include the name of the game in the title.

  • Scary screenshots with no context given in the title are not allowed. The title must include a description of what is going on in the screenshot.

  • Always be clear on what you're linking to. Even if you're not linking to screamers, give the submission a fitting and basic name. So instead of "SUPER SCARY MUST READ", name it "Creepy story about ghost in Minecraft", for example.

  • Try to post original stuff. While creepypastas can be really interesting to read, it can sometimes be good with some variety of content. Write a few words of your experience with a game, or record a video of something you have found, and post it. That will give the subreddit a unique and fresh feel.

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