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Scary stories and the paranormal

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Because you weren't planning on sleeping anytime soon.

There are three basic rules for this subreddit.

1) Don't be a jerk to anybody. Be constructive with your feedback if you don't like something. If you don't agree with somebody be civil about it.

2) Mark particularly graphic stories as NSFW.

3) DO NOT SUBMIT YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF PEOPLE READING CREEPYPASTA. There are other subreddits devoted to that and are actually included further down in our sidebar. /r/CreepyReadings for example, our directly related sister subreddit that was made specifically for YouTube readings.

Any violation of these rules will be dealt with accordingly by the moderators.

Other Creepy Subreddits:














Hear it: /r/narratemystory

If we receive complaints about a creepypasta being re-posted, we will check the time period since it was last posted. If it's been less than 4 weeks (28 days), then the post will be removed at the moderators discretion.

If something you posted didn't show up, wait at least half an hour and check the "new" tab. If it's still not there, send mod mail -- DON'T message the mods directly. (In fact, coldacid considers direct messaging of mods for any reason to be a bannable offence.)

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Welcome to /r/CreepyPasta - Because you weren't planning on sleeping anytime soon

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