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META: [E106] Ask Marisha Anything! // [E106] Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting AMA w/Matt Mercer // [E95] Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting megathread // [E104] I am Sam Riegel AMA // [NS] State of the Sub - Feedback thread // [NS] Matt's thoughts on the community's behavior



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Read all the rules before submitting or commenting.

We are a discussion-based subreddit about Critical Role. We are not an advertising, general DND or DND homebrew, or a low effort/meme board. Keep that in mind when making submissions to the community. <3

Complete Rules
Spoiler Policy
  1. "Don't Be a Dick"
  2. Racism, misogyny, misandry, homophobia or any other hatred will not be tolerated.

  3. Never put spoilers in submission titles.

  4. Tag your submissions with the correct spoiler tag - [Spoilers E##] or [No Spoilers]
    To tag for general spoilers or all spoilers, use the most recent episode number.
    Refer to our spoiler policy.

  5. When discussing spoilers outside the spoiler scope of the submission, use the spoiler code
    "[Spoilers E1](#s "Matt is the DM")" to hide it, resulting in
    Spoilers E1.

  6. Always add a flair to your submission. Reference our flair documentation for info.

  7. Respect the moderation team.


We look after each other by utilizing the report button for any post and/or comment that might be in violation of our rules or our spoiler policy. This way we can keep the subreddit friendly and fun to visit for everybody.
Note: Reporting is never harmful, it merely flags the item for review by a moderator.

When in doubt, report it!

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