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C# programming language

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All about the object-oriented programming language C#.

Getting Started:
Visual Studio Community 2017
Intro to Object Oriented Programming

Video Tutorials
C# Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

Useful MSDN Resources
A Tour of the C# Language
Get started with .NET in 10 minutes
C# Guide
C# Language Reference
C# Programing Guide
C# Coding Conventions
.NET Framework Reference Source Code

Other Resources:
C# Yellow Book
Dot Net Perls
C# Enthusiasts - Google+ Community
C# Discord Group

Visual Studio Community 2017 (Windows)
MonoDevelop (Windows/Mac/Linux)
Visual Studio for Mac (Mac)
Rider (Windows/Mac/Linux)
Visual Studio Code (Windows/Mac/Linux)


Related Subreddits:

Additional .NET Languages:

Platform-specific Subreddits:
/r/windowsdev (UWP)
/r/WPDev (Windows Phone)


  • Rule 1: No job postings (For Hire and Hiring)
  • Rule 2: No malicious, intentionally harmful software
  • Rule 3: Posts should be directly relevant to C#
  • Rule 4: Request-for-help posts should be made with effort
  • Rule 5: No hostility towards users for any reason
  • Rule 6: No spam of tools/companies/advertisements for financial gain
  • Rule 7: Submitted links to be made with effort and quality

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