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Cultural Studies and Critical Theory

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A community for the in-depth discussion of Cultural Studies, an academic field grounded in critical theory & Marxist literary criticism. It generally concerns the political nature of contemporary culture, as well as its past historical precedents, conflicts, and issues. It is, to this extent, largely distinguished from cultural anthropology & ethnic studies in both objective & methodology. Researchers concentrate on how a particular medium or message relates to matters of ideology, social class, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, and/or gender. Cultural studies is extremely holistic, combining social theory, political theory, history, philosophy, literary theory, media theory, film/video studies, communication studies, political economy, museum studies & art history/criticism to study cultural phenomena in various societies. Thus, Cultural studies seeks to understand the ways in which meaning is generated, disseminated, & produced through various practices, beliefs, institutions, & political, economic, or social structures within a given culture.

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