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Curly Hair

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>Post your curly haired questions or awesome curly haired do's! This subreddit is dedicated to any and all with naturally wavy, curly, coily, or kinky locks.


Read the sidebar - lots of questions can be answered here!



  1. Add flair to your post - (instructions here) Review the wiki to understand /r/curlyhair flair. Please help us keep it organized!

  2. Provide your routine!

    1. Photo posts: you must include: current routine, products you use, and how you apply them, or your post will be removed.
    2. Help posts: help us help you by providing lots of info & by reading the wiki first.
  3. Do not self-promote your blog, youtube, website, instagram, or store. We like discussions here, but dislike people who are just looking for more customers, subscribers, or readers via this sub. Posting spam may result in a ban.

  4. Be tactful and practice good reddiquette. Use the report button if you see anything inappropriate and feel free to message the mods.

  5. We are here to embrace, nourish, and love our wavy, curly, coily, kinky hair. Keep posts and comments related to curly hair. Off topic comments and posts related to straightening hair may be removed.




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Useful Links

Curly Basics

>NEW USERS- START HERE with the Wiki

>Curly Girl Method: Great Overview

>Naturally Curly: The Ultimate Curly Hair Website

>Our Holy Grail product list!

>Curl types


>Info about porosity, density, pH, etc

>More on porosity and why it's important for choosing stylers

>Frizz troubles? Read more on Humectants, Dewpoints, and humidity

>How can I find a curly-trained stylist?

>Dos and Don'ts for Curly hair

>Videos of Curly styling

>The massive updo thread

Products & Ingredients

>Basics of what to avoid and what to look for

>Identifying sulfates and silicones

>Ingredients: how to look for "bad" ingredients

>Ingredients database: look up info about specific ingredients

>Silicones: Naturally Curly guide

>All about silicones from /r/HaircareScience

>Search for product reviews, ingredients, etc

>Product list- by category

>NEW: Copy/paste ingredient checker

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