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/r/curvy: Buxom babes, voluptuous vixens, curvy cuties, plump peaches, hotties w/ hourglass figures (/r/curvy)

A subreddit for curvaceous cuties, hotties with hourglass figures, voluptuous vixens, buxom babes, chubby chicas, plump peaches and all-round luscious ladies. Self-shots are welcome! We prefer natural ladies to artificial implants, thanks.


NO SPAM or links sites with tons of ads/little content. If possible, please host images using imgur instead of linking to ad heavy sites. Also, please don't request or post links to torrents or illegal download sites.

If you report a submission as spam, please send the mods a message stating the reason why you think it's spam.

NEED A MODEL ID? Before making a comment asking for the model's name it will probably be faster to perform a Google Reverse Image Search. Follow this guide if you don't know how. If you know the ID of an unnamed model, please help the community out and post it.

PLEASE NOTE /r/curvy has a zero tolerance policy toward trolls, jerks, assholes, and anyone making rude comments to anyone. If you see anything like that, please use the report button, and if possible, send a message about it to the mods.

  • Disrespect of the Mods will not be tolerated and may result in a ban.

  • You are not the Curve Police. One man's curvy, is another's not-so-curvy. Respect and accept your differences and instead let your votes be your voice. Not being tolerant of another's point of view is banworthy behavior.

  • All posts are tagged as NSFW. This is the default setting for all NSFW subreddit submissions. Get over it. Any pedantic little shits commenting along the lines of "this shouldn't be tagged as NSFW" can, and will, be banned at the mod's discretion.

  • No GoneWild pics here if you're not the Original Poster

REPOST POLICY Please check if the image you want to submit has already been posted here using KarmaDecay; we're striving to have always fresh images at /r/curvy!

Also, when viewing the comments of a post you can click the link for KarmaDecay right here and see any matches.

Anything over a month old is fair game to post again.

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