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Gifs of Cute Girls

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> > WebM / HTML5 is welcome and encouraged here! is a great host.

> #Rules > 1. SFW GIFS ONLY > * Keep it as clean as possible (PG-13) > * She should be wearing at least a bra and underwear (or bikini). In some cases even this can be NSFW so don't be surprised if a post that is stretching this rule is removed. > * No reposts from this months top posts or the all time top 100. > * Search the sub for the name of the girl you are about the post (if you know it) or check Karma Decay to see if the gif was already posted. > * Links to full web pages (not direct links to a gif/webm) are not allowed and will be removed. Recommended image hosts are imgur, or gfycat. > * Posts and comments may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

> If you see a post violating the rules or have any concerns, please message the moderators. People breaking the rules will have their post removed and receive a warning. Multiple time offenders will be banned.

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> ##Flair

> * Pick a color. > * Pick the woman of your dreams.

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