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The Official Cynical Brit Subreddit

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  • Practice proper reddiquette and remember that TB is watching you.

  • Submissions from redditors with an account less than 5 days old will be automatically removed.

  • Posts should consist of information relating to TotalBiscuit, The Co-Optional Podcast, or The Cynical Brit.

  • Please do not create duplicate threads of a matter that is already being discussed.

  • Please refrain from posting health-related topics unless you are TB or a moderator.

  • No Requests : ~~"TB Should"~~

  • Save questions for TB for one of the weekly AMA threads instead of creating a new post.

  • No Drama

  • Please report comments and submissions that don't follow these guidelines.

Mission Statement

This is a place for positive interaction and constructive feedback. We want this subreddit to be fun and fulfilling for the people posting here and for TotalBiscuit and his staff. To make that happen, we will moderate overly negative posts. Please bear in mind that TotalBiscuit is going through very difficult times at the moment and doesn't need anymore stress than he already has. Please help us create a positive place to interact by being pleasant to everybody here.


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