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Damsels in Distress: For fans of classic bondage and tied-up women

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This subreddit is for fans of damsels in distress, or DiDs. If you love the sights and sounds of bound and gagged damsels but aren't into extreme bondage, leather, S&M or any of the "harder" aspects of BDSM, then hit subscribe and enjoy the ride!


  1. Only posts involving "damsel-themed" bondage are allowed. NO hardcore BDSM, shibari, penetration of any kind, genital mutilation or domination (unless it portrays a villain subduing his captive). Nudity is allowed as long as no penetration is shown. Here are some examples of what IS allowed. Here are some examples of what is NOT allowed. If you prefer more "hardcore" bondage or BDSM, check out /r/bondage.

  2. Report posts that don't belong. This includes spam and non-DiD content.

  3. Both pictures and videos are allowed as long as they are DiD-related. Still pictures must ONLY be submitted through Imgur; anything else will be removed. Animated GIFs may be submitted through Imgur or gfycat. Videos must come from sites with few or no intrusive ads. BLOGSPAM WILL BE REMOVED AND POSTERS OF BLOGSPAM WILL BE BANNED.

  4. If a picture doesn't have a watermark but you know the source, please post a link to it in the comments. Give the photographer credit!

  5. If you produce DiD content, feel free to showcase some of your work here. You may link to sites like deviantArt or FetLife, but don't treat this subreddit like your personal advertising space. Posts such as "you can buy this video at _" will be deleted and you may be banned.

  6. Be cordial. We will not tolerate bickering here.

  7. On-topic discussions and self-posts are encouraged.

  8. Sources are rarely provided. Keep this in mind when you ask for "sauce" in the comments. It would probably be better if you use TinEye or do a Google Image search to look for a source yourself; you'll have a better chance of finding a source that way than by asking for it.

  9. If posting a single image, please link directly to the image url (ending in .jpeg, .gif, etc.)

  10. Albums may not contain links to external websites.

Concerning the nature of content in this subreddit: The stuff we post here is all about fantasy - consenting adults acting out fantasy roleplay scenarios. We do NOT condone non-consensual violence, kidnapping, rape or abuse of women in any form. In fact, we abhor these depraved acts and those who perpetrate them. If you choose to practice bondage or DiD roleplay, remember: Be safe, be sane, and have your partner's consent.

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