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Dares Gone Wild

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The place for open-minded and daring adult redditors to compete in dares for karma, flair, and recognition.


  • This subreddit is for adults. Everyone must be 18+.
  • Entries must be photos, gifs (imgur) or videos ( Text entries will be deleted.
  • All participants must be verified. To do this, please send the moderators an image of yourself with your username, /r/daresgonewild, and the date. This will also be used as the sidebar image when you get to first place.
  • X-posts to other subreddits is welcome. It helps spread the word about the subreddit, and participants who X-Post will be be given a X-Post score in the leaderboard, separately from the main score.

Leaderboard - Females

|User|Points|X-Posts :-|:----|:-------|:------:

Leaderboard - Males

|User|Points|X-Posts :-|:----|:-------|:------:

How it works

  • The mods will be maintaining a list of dares, each with a point value based on it's difficulty; 1 for easy, 2 for medium, 3 for hard, ? for variable (check dare text for details).
  • Participants may complete any of the dares at any time, by creating a post for it in this sub. When the moderators receive the submission, we will mark the post as "approved" (little green check mark). The participant will be awarded the appropriate points, and it will be reflected in your score in sidebar leaderboard.
  • Dares may be performed more than once (with new pictures), for additional points. However, there is a "cooldown" period of a week, during which a new submission of the same dare for the same person will not be accepted.
  • X-Posts will not be counted in the main point system, but we do encourage them, and will keep a separate column in the leaderboard for number of X-Posts
  • If you'd like to be featured in the header banner, you must complete the DGW Yourself dare, which also counts as 1 point.
  • Link flair reflects the dare being performed. Participants should add the appropriate link flair for the dare being performed, to help the mods out.
  • User flair will be given for the following:
  • Current 1st place - male
  • Current 1st place - female
  • Participant - male
  • Participant - female
  • Mod

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