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Dashcam videos in Gif form!

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Welcome to /r/dashcamgifs!

The sub for collecting the craziest crashes in the world. In Gif form!

Feel free to post any Gifs that are shot from a dashboard camera, cellphone cam from inside a vehicle, or helmet cam. The crazier the better.

Also if you copy a post from another sub, please list where you found the Gif.

Feel free to re-post our content to other relevant subs, just mention that you found it here.

Please tag any gifs that visibly show gore, blood, or bodies as NSFW

Tools to create gifs

  • GifCam

If you are interested in making a gif out of a video, this blog has a good tool.

I hope you enjoy our collection. It is growing every day!

WARNING: Due to the real nature of these videos, some may contain serious injury or death. We hope our viewers are able to learn from the poor decisions made by these drivers

Drive safe, Friends!

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