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DBS 37: DUB Discussion | Dragon Ball Super Chapter 28 (Previous Chapters)

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Our Rules

   ^The ^moderators ^of ^this ^subreddit ^reserve
   ^the ^right ^to ^remove ^submissions ^at ^their
   ^own ^discretion. ^If ^you ^have ^any ^questions
   ^about ^our ^rules, ^you ^can ^read ^a
   ^detailed ^breakdown ^here.

  1. Posting Etiquette
    Be nice to each other!
    Don't be needlessly confrontational
    or contrarian, and abstain from disruptive behavior.
    Don't spam. Do not post more than once on the same day, and do not post fanart or original content more than once a week.

Self-promotion is sometimes permitted, but only with explicit permission from staff. 2. Prohibited
NSFW content. Piracy. Low-effort
posts. Memes. Link submissions
of screenshots, clips, panels or soundtracks: If you need to point something out or ask a question,
make a text post instead.
Politics. Gameplay videos. "DBZTubers". Podcasts.
Speed drawings. Versus threads. Quizzes, polls & petitions. Super Saiyan gifs. Non-original AMVs. Buying & selling.

  1. Submission Guidelines
    We encourage open discussion, questions, theories & ideas.
    Submissions must be directly related to Dragon Ball – if your post requires a title to make it relevant, it doesn't belong here.
    When posting art made by others, the original artist must be named in the title. This includes cosplay. Self-created art must be marked [OC] and include a link to any references used in the comments when applicable. No WIPs, OCs, or CaCs.

  2. Spoilers
    Submissions pertaining to future subtitled episodes (leaks, etc) must be spoiler tagged. Comments only need to be tagged outside of these threads.
    Spoilers pertaining to the current subtitled episode & preview are fair game, but submission titles must be spoiler-free.
    If a post is spoiler-tagged, assume it has spoilers for future subtitled episodes.
    In the English Dub discussion threads, spoilers for unaired episodes are not permitted.

If you do not intend to follow along with the simulcast of Dragon Ball Super, be aware that you will see spoilers.

How to tag Spoilers:

  • Spoiler syntax:
    [Manga Spoilers:](#s "Goku is an alien!")

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