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Dead by Daylight

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Welcome to /r/deadbydaylight!

Before posting a question, please check the FAQ and the DBD Gamepedia wiki.



  1. Follow Reddiquette.

  2. NO friend requests threads! Use the LFG megathread

  3. NO BUG POSTS Submit them on the Megathread [] or on the Steamforums []

  4. NO Flamebait these comments and posts will be removed. Flamewhores are subject to bans on moderators discretion.

  5. BE CIVIL! Don't be rude! No toxic behaviors!. Take things with a grain of salt and discuss it if you have a difference of opinions or simply move on when you don't agree with someone. Criticize ideas not people

  6. Any form of discriminatory language usage like racism, sexism, homophobic etc. comments/posts seen will be removed and the user will be banned.
  7. Bans starting from two weeks or how a moderator sees fit.

  8. NO Hacker, Shaming and cheater threads! they will be removed and get you BANNED!

  9. How-to Report cheaters [Directly to the DBD community moderators] or contact easyanticheat at [easyanticheat] (including the cheater's Steam ID).

  10. Low quality posts like memes and unrelated videos will be removed at the mod's discretion. So provide context for these types of posts.

  11. No ragdoll posts, including "Killer is a Survivor", "white survivor" etc.
  12. Circle jerk and rant threads. "survivors are toxic, swf, infinite abusers", if you are complaining without putting any suggestions into your posts then you are just whining.
  13. "This game will die", "Game is dead" & "is the game dead" threads are frowned upon and are subjected for removal.

  14. NO TRADING Pax codes and cosmetics codes trading are not allowed on the subforums.

  15. NO advertising any content unless messaged to the moderators and approved.

  16. Sales outside of Steam Store, HumbleBundle and Official website, are not allowed. Mod approval is required.
  17. Giveaways fall under this category. So contact mod before posting.

  18. Sexually explicit content MUST be marked NSFW.

  19. Only DbD related content allowed. Anything outside of that will get you banned.

  20. Video Content Quality Control || READ IT BEFORE POSTING VIDEOS!

> Video Content Quality Control Let's Plays, streams, and gameplay videos are only permitted to be posted if they adhere to the following rules: > - A descriptive title describing the content shared. - Must make a top-level comment on your submission within fifteen minutes of posting, of at least 128 characters. > Any videos/streams not following these rules will be removed! They apply to videos/streams of people playing the game, except for official videos created by the developers, publishers or their respective copyright owners.

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