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What not to post here:

  1. Questions you want Joel to answer,
  2. Anything else you want Joel to see,
  3. Music that doesn't include works by deadmau5,
  4. Purchasable works and paid content produced by deadmau5 (there's a reason you have to pay for it),
  5. Anything that has not been explicitly put out to the public by Joel,
  6. Insignificant things (e.g., mau5head Call of Duty emblem or a sticker bought on Amazon). Mods have final say in what this could be,
  7. Personal information of any kind relating to Joel.

Rules further explained here. Read before posting.

Links to Joel's social media accounts:

Official Site Twitter Instagram Twitch YouTube Facebook Google+ Tumblr

Download Joel's misc or older works here:

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