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Mr. Wade Winston Wilson

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Welcome to the newly refurnished DEADPOOL subreddit, where fans can come and rejoice about that Merc With A Mouth, Mr. Wade Wilson himself!


>Oct 5 Mercs for Money #4/Back in Black #1


>Mar 2 Uncanny Avengers #6/Deadpool #8 - Sequel discussion


Deadpool appearances by ISBN

Every Deadpool Appearance

New Deadpool Game

Is there an active run of/with Deadpool?

Current Deadpool Runs:|Status :-----|:-----:| Uncanny Avengers|Running ANAD Deadpool|Running Deadpool and Spiderman|Running Deadpool and the Mercs for Money|Running Deadpool vs Gambit|Finished Back in Black|Running

*The digital version is currently finished, print is still running

Where to begin reading Deadpool? (Chosen by votes)

Comic Book / Story | Votes| :-----|:-----:| Cable & Deadpool ((Digital/Physical))|147| Deadpool (1997) ((Digital/Physical))|103| Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth ((Digital/Physical))|31| Deadpool (2008) ((Digital/Physical))|31| Uncanny X-Force ((Digital/Physical))|28| Deadpool (2011) ((Check 2008))|28| Any Other Appearance*|27| Deadpool Classic ((Digital/Physical))|26| Deadpool: Suicide Kings ((Digital/Physical))|17| Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War ((Digital/Physical))|14|

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