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Deep House

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Subreddit Rules

  • Please post within the scope of the Deep House genre. This includes artists that usually are enjoyed in this sub, even if the particular song has elements of other genres. We will not scrutinize too heavily, but if a track is clearly not even in the realm, then it will be removed.

  • Best of Deephouse - Apple Playlist. A great place to start with the classics

  • Since there is so much controversy on the definition of deep house, the final say will be left up to the moderators This sub has room for all, and until it gets so big that a more scrutinizing filter is needed, it will stay this way.

  • To aid in distinguishing sub genres, placing [classic], [bass], [deeptech], etc, could be helpful, as well as the label name. It would be great if we could eventually search by sub genre or label.
  • Links that are mixes should write [MIX] on the right of the text
  • Comments that simply diverge into genre discussions that are not constructive, or warranted will be removed. We understand that Deep House has its roots, but this subreddit will not be specific to only that old school classic sound.
  • Please do not injure yourself or destroy anything valuable when grooving to submitted music.

Official /r/deephouse Podcasts:

October's Mix - Official /r/deephouse podcast by Bad Tempered Monkeys

The previous official mixes

Message the mods if your submitted track does not appear in new posts.

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