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Delusional Artists

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A collection of artists who think they're a lot more talented than they actually are.

If you're looking for a sub to post bad art, go to /r/AwfulArt

Please take the time to read the Content Guidelines before posting.

Subreddit Rules

1. An artist of some sort must be present.

2. All links must lead to a video, image and/or audio hosts. News websites and similar are also allowed. Breaking this rule could result in a ban.

3. Sensitive and personal information must be removed when posting. Breaking this rule could result in a ban.

4. Do not make stuff up about the artist.

5. Do not attempt or promote harassment of the artists. Breaking this rule could result in a ban.

6. Art is subjective. Regardless of what you think about it, if the artist is not delusional, it will be removed. Bad art without a delusional artist will also be removed.

7. All posts will be considered as standalone content. If it requires looking at other content, that the submitter did not provide, to judge the artist as delusional. It will be removed. If the title mentions something that the submitter does not provide, it will be removed.

8. Do not fish for compliments and/or promote yourself.

Rules are enforced at mods discretion.

When reporting posts, please add in which rule they are breaking.

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