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Demon's Souls

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The true Demon's Souls starts here

A community to talk about anything game related: missions, characters, worlds, tips, tricks, etc. Rage comics welcome.

Please do NOT link to the wiki to answer questions.

Click below to visit the unofficial /r/demonssouls discord server for help, PvP, and text/voice chat.

If you are requesting players to help you please post your Soul Level in the title. Also post which servers you play on.

Demon's Souls is available on North America's PlayStation Network!

North America, Europe, and Asia servers are still online, get your multiplayer in now!!!

Remember that servers are region-restricted. US games only connect to North Americans servers!

Useful, Spoiler-free Sites:

NEW! >> Demon's Souls Character Planner by /u/Nigh7H4wk and /u/naiyt

Please use the spoiler tag:

[Spoiler:](/s "X kills Y!") = Spoiler:

The spiritual sequel to Demon's Souls is out!

Dark Souls


Japan: 2011年9月22日

North America: October 4th, 2011

Europe: 7 October 2011

Platinum contenders! Hear me! A photo of your trophy will no longer suffice. I also require a photo of the number of "Rings of Sincere Prayer" if you are sincere enough!!

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