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Defensive Gun Use

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About Defensive Gun Use (DGU)

A subreddit dedicated to cataloging incidents in the United States where legally-owned or legally-possessed guns are used by civilians to deter or stop crime. (Lack of a state "permit" to possess or own a gun does not necessarily imply a gun was not legally owned or possessed.)

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Stephen Wenger, author of Defensive Use of Firearms (Stephen has made his book available for free here)

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Complete /r/dgu rules

In order to keep this subreddit searchable and readable, there are some formatting rules in place that are enforced by AutoModerator:

  1. Posts should primarily be direct links to news articles describing the incident.
  2. Articles regarding defensive gun use statistics are also welcomed, as are stories of DGUs gone wrong, or incidents where the defensive gun user had no business pulling the trigger.
  3. Copy the headline from the article.
  4. Note the date of the article at the beginning, like this: [2015/01/01] (brackets, slashes, and leading zeroes are required).
  5. Note the city/state even if it is part of the article's title, like this: (Birmingham, AL) or Birmingham (AL).
  6. Local news sources are best.
  7. Commenting is unmoderated, but no doxxing.
  8. Please consider using the following flair if applicable (click flair to search by flair):
    • Bad DGU DGUs that involve injury to another party (other than the suspect) or other collateral damage despite meeting the legal standards for a DGU upon cursory examination
    • Bad Form DGUs that, while successful, are probably not to be held up as shining examples of DGUs (such as warning shots)
    • Preliminary Seems like a good DGU, awaiting more details
    • Bad Title Titles that do not accurately reflect the outcome of the DGU
    • CCW Incidents involving lawful CCW (concealed carry)
    • CCW-No Shots Incidents involving lawful CCW with no shots fired
    • No Shots Incidents in which no shots were fired
    • Follow Up Follow-up links to previously-posted DGUs (such as court verdicts, failure to indict, etc.)
    • Historic Historic examples of DGUs
    • Legal Articles providing legal commentary on self-defense issues
    • Analysis Analysis/opinion articles about self-defense
    • Stats DGU statistics
    • Tragic DGUs ending tragically for the victim(s)
    • Animals DGUs involving animals
    • Sub Req'd Occassionally, links may point to sites that require a subscription for some readers. As a rule, please refrain from linking to sub-only sites.
  9. Please do not post dupes. Multiple posts about the same incident from different news sources are considered dupes.
  10. Blatantly racist comments will result in an immediate ban.

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