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Sexting is so last year

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> > All posts here are automatically locked. No comments are allowed. > > This is a place for adult users to find others to chat/have fun over Kik. If you won't use Kik or require people to chat elsewhere besides Kik, check further down the sidebar for other places you may want to check instead. > > Don't post or hint at your username in the post. > > Make sure to take a look at our guidelines here.


> We highly recommend that everyone verify their accounts. To verify:

> Make a post, including the tag [Verification] in your title. Include in the post body a link to a picture with either a face or body picture of you holding a lightly crumpled piece of paper with your reddit name, the name of the subreddit, and the date on it.

> Or

> Send a message to the moderators with all of that if you do not wish to publicly verify. (Please do not PM individual moderators.)

Subreddit Rules

> The rules are set, but if the mods encounter other problems not mentioned in our rules, it is up to them to interpret and take action as needed. > > 1) No posting or hinting at Kik usernames, or any other form of contact. This includes kik codes, links, and hashtags. > > 2) Per Reddit guidelines, do not solicit or offer underage content. Please limit roleplaying advertisements to 18+ as well. > > 3) Absolutely no phone numbers, any username for any website or application, e-mail addresses, or personal information in posts. > > 4) No offering or asking for photos of third parties either directly in your posts or by offering to share them over kik. This includes tributes and captions. To verify consenting third parties, please send a message to the moderators. Violating this rule will result in an immediate, permanent ban. > > 5) Only verified accounts are allowed to ask for tributes. > > 6) No posts in exchange for money, goods, or services. > > 7) Be civil. Don't be an asshole. No sexist generalizations. No racist and homophobic remarks/slurs. No ad hominems. Keep posts relevant to the subreddit. > > 8) Please be reasonable and only post once every 4 hours. > > 9) Only share your own kik. > >Violating this rule will result in an immediate, permanent ban. > > 10) Any attempt to skirt the above rules using "clever" language (e.g., using "taboo" to reference underage) will result in an immediate ban. > > 11) Reddit accounts must be a 3 days old old to post. > > Moderators reserve the right to ban based upon these rules and their own discretion.

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  • How to Create a Post

  • When creating a post you are required to use the proper tags or the AutoModerator will automatically remove it.

  • The title should start off with your age and then the proper tag. You can pick from those listed below:

    • M Stands for Male.
    • F stands for Female.
    • R stands for Redditor.
    • T stands for Trans.
    • Couples can use FM or MF.
  • Tags should be constructed as follows: Your gender/identity, "4", the gender/identity you're seeking. You may use M, F, R, T, MF, or FM as the gender/identity.

  • You can add something constructive after the gender tag. So your title should look something like "20 [F4R] Outgoing young lady looking to talk to anyone."

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