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Disability (/r/disability)

News, resources and perspectives pertaining to individuals with disabilities.

Feel free to edit your flair to reflect whatever disability you identify as having. This doesn't have to be a medical diagnosis either. You can identify as "Deaf," "wheelchair-user" or just plain "crip," as some folks do. And, if you don't have a disability, no worries! Just mark it up however you like.


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  • By consensus the /r/disability community has decided to disallow individual fundraising appeals. See /r/Assistance, /r/Care or other subreddits that can help.

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National Council on Independent Living (US) | Independent Living (UK) | Disability Resource Centre (UK) | Independent Living Canada | Service Canada | Independent Living Centres (AU) | Disability Information and Resource Centre (AU) | Family Village (International) | Success for College Students with Disabilities (US)


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