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> READ THESE BEFORE POSTING OR COMMENTING TO AVOID GETTING BANNED: Posts MUST be related to Dishonored in some way, shape, or form. Use the Reddit search before asking a Question. Posts containing potential spoilers MUST contain the text '[Spoilers]' in the title. Do not put ANY potential spoilers for either game directly in the title of your post. Spoilers within posts and comments MUST be tagged using spoiler tags. Usage: [spoiler](/s "What you want to say") will look like: spoiler Post titles should be descriptive, no click-bait titles. Generic reaction gifs, reaction videos, rage comics, memes, image-macros and other low-effort posts are not allowed on this subreddit. Do not personally attack other users, use slurs, use insults, or resort to name calling. Please keep it civil. Don't be rude. No real-world politics. Keep it to the Empire of the Isles. Do not discuss or share links related to piracy, circumventing DRM/copy protection, or gray market key re-sellers. If posting sales of either game, refer to /r/GameDeals/ for guidance on what is and isn't allowed. Giveaways are allowed as long as you don't link out or attempt to use it to promote anything. Trading of games is not allowed on this sub; use /r/gameswap/ or /r/GameTrade/

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