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Disney Porn

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>Welcome to R/DisneyPorn

>R/DisneyPorn is for lovers of all things that are both Pornographic and Disney.


>Please be patient while waiting for your post to show up as AutoModerator can take up to 5 minutes to approve it. Comments are exempt from this.

DisneyPorn Rules

The following are the rules as they are currently set:

  • 1) All links MUST be only images, MUST be hosted on,, or, and MUST be of porn containing Disney Characters.

  • 2) All text posts should discuss Disney Characters in Porn settings.

  • 3) Erotica Welcome!

  • 4) Anything that is obviously not Disney Porn or Closely Related will be removed. It's nothing personal.

  • 5) Spammers will be blocked without warning. All blocks are final. This is your only notice.

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